Originally dedicated to earthTV® The World Live only, today ETN provides technology and services to many of the most important weather, travel and news camera networks in Europe, the USA and the Middle East.

ETN Camera Systems

Full HD/4K, remote controlled, secure and automated

ETN Location Services

Worldwide scouting, installations, set-up and support

ETN Content Plans

Live streaming, video management and data platform


To this day ETN has served camera networks in 620 places across 50 countries.


ETN is a brand of the earthTV network GmbH (registration No. HRB 160373B at District Court Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany)

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with HQ in Berlin/Germany

earthTV® is the producer and distributor of all earthTV® Programs and is the (copyright) owner of the exclusive earthTV® camera network.

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with HQ in Berlin/Germany

All software IPs of the earthTV network, including all platforms such as, are developed and operated by

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with HQ in Unterhaching/Germany

ETN (Earth Television Network) is a full service camera network provided for more than 30 years, and also manages all cameras and locations of earthTV®.